Dozent, Speaker, Man of Action CGI VFX

Denis Bitter ist als Man of Action und Dozent für CGI und VFX an die Spitze seiner Branche aufgestiegen.

Er versteht es perfekt, in Licht und Rendering sowie in Animation sich der Bildsprache zu bedienen.

Er unterrichtet auf den größten Plattformen seiner Branche und ist ein gefragter Speaker in seinem Bereich. Er arbeitet für Studios wie Pixar, MGM, Pixomondo, und ein Dutzend mehr.

Sein direkter und einfacher Stil ist zu seinem Markenzeichen geworden und begeistert hunderte von Teilnehmer in seinen Workshop für Film und Animation im Bereich 2D und 3D!

Er versteht es mit einfachen Dingen, komplexe Inhalte einfach zu machen!

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    When I learned 3D, I had to do it the hard way. Almost self-taught, with only a few centimeters of progress. In the end, I've learned the language of 3D as well as any other creative endeavor:

    cold, hard analysis and implementation.


    My trash can my friend:


    Eighty percent of what I did ended up in the bin, because the horror approach and workflow were still too pretty words for what came into being, shameless copying of what works.


    I worked on a 3D project for 12 hours and billed one. The other 11 were the wild back and forth of learning.


    During those hours I got a contempt for the theory-laden chatter, because nothing works the way it was taught.



     Do you know that?


    It's not just about the workflow, the low and high, and mapping, and so on - and while this may seem useful, it's not clear how well it improves my workflow.


    There was only one metric that was important to me:

    Could this knowledge help me improve the whole thing I was working on?



    Let's fast forward for a few years:


    Now I've developed projects for clients like Pixomondo, ARD / WDR, MGM Studio, PIXAR; BrainPool and others. I have circumnavigated the market as a freelancer in a dozen countries.


    From large film productions to personal side projects, I am confident that I can do everything from simple means of looking at what I need - and that it is from little more is created.


    Now you are asking yourself for sure?


    "But how do I know it's possible?"

    Will I ever be able to implement it according to my ideas?



    I thought you would never ask !!





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